U-S forces setting up barrier between Shiites and Sunnis

The U-S is trying a new idea for protecting Sunnis and Shiites from each other in Baghdad: it's building a wall.

U-S forces setting up barrier between Shiites and Sunnis
Army troops protected by tanks have been hoisting seven-ton, 12-foot-high concrete slabs into place for the past week and a-half around a Sunni enclave on the eastern side of the Tigris River. When it's finished, the community will be completely gated, with checkpoints to control who comes in and goes out. The military says authorities want to prevent Shiite attacks and Sunni retaliation.

One resident of the neighborhood says the wall should help curb the violence. But another Sunni fears it will only increase the separation of Iraqis, which he says has been made "so much worse by the war."

U-S officials insist their strategy still is to get Iraqis to reconcile and support the Baghdad government. They deny that the Baghdad security plan envisions walling off neighborhoods.

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