UN to discuss Kosovo status in January

The UN Security Council will revisit the issue of Kosovo in January 2008, a Russian deputy foreign minister said Tuesday.

UN to discuss Kosovo status in January
'The Kosovo status will next be discussed in January, when the UN Security Council considers the Kosovo report,' Alexander Yakovenko said.

He claimed the main outcome of the UN Security Council's work on Kosovo this year was to prevent a unilateral decision on Kosovo's independence, adding that the Kosovo problem could only be resolved through negotiations.

The UN Security Council failed last Wednesday to bridge divisions over the future of Kosovo. Most Western countries are seeking independence for the volatile area, which has been a UN protectorate since NATO bombings of the former Yugoslavia ended a war between Albanians and Serb forces in 1999.

The Russian foreign ministry said last week that Russia would use its veto power at the UN Security Council if a decision on Kosovo's independence was made.

RIA Novosti

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