UN to restart aid in Gaza after getting 5-day fuel

A U.N. aid agency will resume deliveries of food to hundreds of thousands of Gaza Strip residents after obtaining enough fuel to last five days, a spokesman said on Monday.

UN to restart aid in Gaza after getting 5-day fuel

Gaza has been in the grips of a fuel shortage for weeks, the result of sharp Israeli cutbacks in supplies to the territory as well as a strike by an association of Palestinian petrol owners over Israeli supply limits.

Citing the fuel shortage, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) announced last Thursday that it was suspending operations, including food distribution.

Hamas' government in Gaza asked the petrol association on Sunday to resume deliveries, but the association refused.

UNRWA sent its own trucks on Monday to the Palestinian side of the Nahal Oz border crossing with Israel and filled them with 55,000 litres (12,100 gallons) of diesel, said Christopher Gunness, the aid agency's spokesman.

Gunness said that was enough for UNRWA to operate for about five days. "So we plan to resume food distribution tomorrow," he said, but added, "this, in no way, solves Gaza's fuel crisis."


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