UN troops erect barbed wire on Lebanon-Israel border

UN peacekeepers in Lebanon began on Friday erecting a barbed-wire fence along the border with Israel to prevent breaches of the "Blue Line" aimed at keeping peace between the two neighbours.

UN troops erect barbed wire on Lebanon-Israel border
"UNIFIL soldiers began laying the barbed-wire fence in the area north of the (border) village of Ghajar," Yasmina Bouziane, spokeswoman for the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon said.

About 50 Spanish peacekeepers are installing the barbed wire fence north of the so-called "Blue Line", set up by the United Nations eight years ago to keep the peace between the two neighbours, a correspondent said.

The decision to set up the barrier was made on April 2 at a meeting between UNIFIL commander General Claudio Graziano and officials from Lebanese and Israeli armies, Bouziane said.

The three parties agreed that UNIFIL would set up the barrier north of Ghajar "in order to prevent violations of the Blue Line," Garziano had said then.

"The prevention of drug trafficking in the area is also one of the goals of the barrier," Bouziane said.

UNIFIL, which was created in 1978 after an Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon, saw its mission extended by UN Security Council resolution 1701 which ended the 34-day conflict in August 2006.
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