US actor Costner in Turkey for THY's commercial

"We have recently purchased three Boeing-777 aircraft," sad THY's executive.

US actor Costner in Turkey for THY's commercial

Prominent actor and director Kevin Costner has come to Turkey to act in a commercial for the Turkish Airlines (THY).

Costner joined a press conference held by THY Executive Board President Candan Karlitekin and THY Director-General Temel Kotil.

"We have recently purchased three Boeing-777 aircraft. There are first-class cabins in those aircraft which offer complete privacy and suite-style comfort. Besides them, the commercial will promote THY's first-class services with the international flights," Kotil said.

During the press conference, Academy Award-winning director was wearing a cap on which Ataturk's phrase "how happy the person is who says I am a Turk" was written. Costner said that the cap displayed his happiness with visiting Turkey and his appreciation.

He told reporters that he had never been in a country which was proud of somebody this much. "He (Ataturk) must have been a very special person," he said.

The commercial, which will be shot at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, will promote first class cabins in THY aircraft and THY's business-class services.

The 60-second commercial to be directed by Fredrisk Callingaard will be broadcast in 70 countries.

THY increased number of its business-class passengers by 20 percent and its transit passengers by 45 percent in 2008.

In 2007, Kevin Costner, who recently started his music career, came to Istanbul and gave a concert at WOW Convention Center.

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