US Clinton's superdelegate hopes fading

US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's bid to be the Democratic U.S. presidential nominee is getting harder, as another superdelegate announced plans to support her rival.

US Clinton's superdelegate hopes fading

Margaret Campbell, a Montana state legislator, plans to declare her support for Obama, U.S. senator from Illinois, becoming the 69th superdelegate he has picked up since Super Tuesday, Feb. 5, The New York Times reported Monday.

At the same time, Clinton of New York, has experienced a net loss of two delegates, which may help to mute Clinton's hopes even more than the firing Sunday of Mark Penn, her campaign's chief strategist, the Times said.

Trailing by more than 160 pledged delegates chosen in caucuses and primaries, Clinton has counted on superdelegates to help overtake Obama. Her campaign has been trying persuade uncommitted superdelegates to back her or at least not announce committing to Obama, until she can demonstrate momentum and electability in the final string of primaries, beginning in Pennsylvania April 22.

Harold Ickes, Clinton's delegate tracker, told the Times the campaign believes it can maintain enough holdouts for her to rally before the national convention.

"Based on what we're seeing," Ickes said, "most of them are waiting and watching and holding their powder."

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