US Confirms Monitoring Muslim Home

US officials have confirmed that the FBI and Energy Department have conducted thousands of searches for radioactive materials at private sites nationwide in the past three years, The New York Times reports.

US Confirms Monitoring Muslim Home

The existence of such a search programme was disclosed on Thursday by US News and World Report's website. The report said the US government had a secret programme monitoring homes and workplaces of Muslims and mosques in at least six cities for signs of nuclear radiation.

Up to 120 Muslim sites in the Washington area, and more in New York, Chicago, Seattle, Detroit and Las Vegas, have been regularly monitored for radiation for more than three years over concerns about nuclear terrorism after the 11 September 2001 attacks, the publication reported.

Surreptitious monitoring

The Times reported on Saturday: "Government agencies (had) disclosed that they have installed radiation-detection equipment at ports, subway stations and other public locations, but extensive surreptitious monitoring of private property has not been publicly known." The newspaper said the US federal government had given thousands of radiation alarms, worn like mobile phones on the belt, to police and fire departments in major cities.

It quoted Brian Roehrkasse, a spokesman for the justice department, confirming that law enforcement personnel were conducting "passive operations in publicly accessible areas to detect the presence of radiological materials, in a manner that protects US constitutional rights".

The administration of George Bush, the US president, has been criticised over revelations that government agencies - including the National Security Agency, the Department of Defence, and the FBI - spied on US citizens without first obtaining court orders as mandated by law. Bush, who authorised the NSA surveillance, maintains that the spying is legal and that he has the legal authority to permit such activities.

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