US puts ships from Syria on watchlist

The United States has put ships making port calls in Syria on a watchlist, an official said on Thursday, as Washington ratcheted up the pressure on Damascus.

US puts ships from Syria on watchlist
Syria was placed on a so-called "Port Security Advisory List" amid "concerns about the connections between Syria and international "terrorist" organizations," the State Department's deputy spokesman Tom Casey told reporters.

The move allows the Coast Guard "to impose some additional port security measures to ships traveling to or arriving in US ports that have previously been either departing from Syria or have called on Syrian ports," he said.

Casey added the measures would affect any ship that has visited Syria during its last five ports of call, but referred reporters to the Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for further information.

Nobody was immediately available for comment at DHS, while the Coast Guard public affairs office promised to try to provide details of the decision on Friday.


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