'Valley of the Wolves - Terror' on TV amid controversy

"Valley of the Wolves - Terror," the continuation of a popular TV series, has become the subject of controversy before even being broadcast.

'Valley of the Wolves - Terror' on TV amid controversy
Headline news that the Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTUK) received complaints demanding that the broadcast of the new episodes of the series be prevented saddened both the production company and fans of the series. The long-awaited series aired on Show TV Thursday night.
"Valley of the Wolves - Terror," portraying 23 years of "terror" in Turkey's Southeast, broke rating records with the first episode. The first episode attempts to convey the message that "the Turkish and Kurdish nations are brothers and have lived on this land in peace for years." A recurring theme portrays the terror network of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) as being manipulated by the US, pressuring the inhabitants of the region, taking their children to the mountains and supporting the heroin trade.
However, some in the Southeast have criticized the broadcast of the series. Democratic Society Party (DTP) officials announced they would discuss the messages of the series at a party meeting to be held next week. DTP deputy leader Sýrrý Sakýk stated he had charged his son with the duty of watching the series and reported that "my son told me that this series includes several unethical elements; Kurds are degraded, conflicts are aggravated." He added that "this series will cause the emergence of new Ogün Samasts," referring to the alleged killer of journalist Hrant Dink and the extreme nationalist sentiments behind the murder. Sakýk criticized companies who advertise on "Valley of the Wolves - Terror," and said, "What feeds them is obvious."
"Valley of the Wolves" previously drew heavy criticism because of scenes of violence in former episodes. The series again became a controversial topic when rumors circulated that the far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) would advertise on the series. Instead, another right-wing populist party, the Young Party led by Cem Uzan, advertised on the series.
The DTP, at the opposite end of the ideological spectrum, reacted strongly against "Valley of the Wolves - Terror," and DTP deputy leader Sýrrý Sakýk maintained that the series aimed to manipulate the social structure at a time when social reconciliation was most needed.
"RTÜK must immediately take this series under control. We call on RTÜK to accomplish its mission. If this institution cannot do anything, then the state must step in and resort to legal action," Sakýk said.
The Diyarbakýr Tourism and Promotion Association announced they would sue the entire production team of "Valley of the Wolves - Terror" in the event the city of Diyarbakýr was mentioned in any episode of the series. Association Chairman Nedim Çizmeci claimed that the country's welfare and people's situation were being ignored for the sake of ratings and money.
With terror talked about more and more, Çizmeci said the region and the country were sliding into a chaotic atmosphere. "Bringing terror on to the agenda in anyway has always caused and will cause problems."
A self-styled anarchist group issued a statement in front of the Show TV building on the evening of the series premiere. The members of the group stated such series would fuel nationalistic feelings and increase violence.
On the other hand, four accountants from the Konya province of Turkey took out a thank-you notice in a local newspaper directed at the "Valley of the Wolves - Terror" production team and cast, saying that the series was telling "the reality of terror, Turkey's open wound." State Minister Kürþad Tüzmen's brother Tarkan Tüzmen is also acting in the series.

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