Video Shows Palestinian Humiliation

Showing Israel's racist practices against the Palestinians, an amateur video showed on Monday, March 24, an unleashed Israeli military dog severely attacking a Palestinian woman and Israeli soldiers cruelly beating a Palestinian teenager.

Video Shows Palestinian Humiliation

Showing Israel'sracist practices against the Palestinians, an amateur video showed on Monday,March 24, an unleashed Israeli military dog severely attacking a Palestinianwoman and Israeli soldiers cruelly beating a Palestinian teenager in the West Bank.

"Israeli occupation soldiers are practicingsadist violence against unarmed Palestinian civilians," PalestinianInformation Minister Mustafa Al-Barghuthi, who aired the video, told a pressconference, reported the Palestinian news agency (Wafa).

The film showed an Israeli military dog unleashed byIsraeli soldiers just bite and attack an elderly Palestinian woman in Bethlehemin a shocking and terrifying scene.

Israeli soldiers appeared indifferent to screams ofthe terrified woman before one of them finally moved to release her arm fromthe dog's mouth.

The video also showed two Israeli soldiers harshlyassaulting a 17-year-old Palestinian teenager at a checkpoint in the town of Hawwara in southern Nablus.


Barghuthi said the Israeli policies were worse than South Africa'spast apartheid.

"The cameras showed the worst and most uglyacts the Palestinians are facing at the hands of Israeli soldiers at thebarriers," he said.

"The occupation soldiers are torturing thePalestinians."

"This behavior", Barghuthi said,"shows that the Israeli policy is worse than South Africa's notorious past apartheid as deemed by former US presidentJimmy Carter."

In early December, Carter, a 2002 Nobel Peace Prizelaureate, released his new book "Palestine:Peace Not Apartheid" in which he blasted "an enormous imprisonmentwall" Israel isbuilding in the West Bank.

"when Israeldoes occupy this territory deep within the West Bank, and connects the200-or-so settlements with each other, with a road, and then prohibits thePalestinians from using that road, or in many cases even crossing the road,this perpetrates even worse instances of apartness, or apartheid, than wewitnessed even in South Africa," Carter wrote.

Barghuthi said that the Palestinians are sufferingdaily humiliations at Israeli checkpoints.

"This is a well-established Israeli policyagainst the Palestinian civilians," he stressed.

"The Palestinians are forced to stop at morethan 525 Israeli checkpoints established in the West Bank."

The minister pointed out that 61 Palestinian womenwere forced to give birth at Israeli barriers as they could not reach thehospitals.

According to the UN estimates, a total of 36Palestinian babies have died because their mothers were detained during laborat Israeli checkpoints.

Barghuthi called for trying Israeli Prime MinisterEhud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz for the daily humiliation of thePalestinians.

He said that the Palestinian government will seekthe help of the international organizations to intervene to stop the Israeliracist practices against the Palestinian civilians.

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