Washington Post: US intelligence helped Turkey in Iraq attacks

The United States is providing 'real-time' intelligence to Turkey to launch attacks on PKK militants in northern Iraq, the US daily Washington Post reported, citing Pentagon sources.

Washington Post: US intelligence helped Turkey in Iraq attacks
According to the report, the US military has allowed Turkey access to information taken from US aircraft on locations of militants of the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK), which was used in recent Turkish air raids.

The authoritative US daily quoted a military official as saying the US was 'essentially handing (the Turks) their targets.'

Further to the report, the unnamed official although denying that the US had given official approval of Turkish actions in Iraq explained that '(the Turkish military ) said, 'We want to do something.' We said, 'Okay, it's your decision'.'

On Monday, Turkish Chief of General Staff Yasar Buyukanit said the Turkish Air Force had received US go-ahead for attacks Sunday on PKK positions in Iraq.

Adding that secret service information had also been provided, Buyukanit said the attacks on northern Iraq had been the most successful by the Turkish military against the PKK in a long time.


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