WB official says Turkey has immense potential in solar energy

Turkey Director of the World Bank, Ulrich Zachau, said Friday that the demand for energy in Turkey will increase once the economic crisis is overcome.

WB official says Turkey has immense potential in solar energy

Speaking at a conference on international solar energy in Istanbul, Zachau said that Turkey has great potential in the area of renewable energy.

I believe Turkey will make use of its sources efficiently, Zachau indicated.

The energy demand in Turkey declined in 2001 due to the financial crisis, Zachau said.

Following the crisis in 2001, there has been an increase in energy demand in Turkey, Zachau said.

Once the current financial crisis is over in the next 12-18 months, the demand for energy in Turkey will rise just as it did after 2001, Zachau stressed.

Greenhouse gas emissions in Turkey will rise once the demand for energy increases, Zachau said.

"The energy capacity in Turkey is great from the perspective of renewable energy. Turkey has immense potential in the field of solar energy," Zachau said.

New investors in the area of solar energy will enter the Turkish energy market in the near future, Zachau said.

The ratification of the Kyoto protocol by Turkey will make Turkey a part of group of countries that have minimized greenhouse gas emissions, Zachau said.

The Kyoto protocol will serve the interests of Turkey, Zachau said.

Cooperation between the World Bank, Turkish government and private sector in
renewable energy will continue, Zachau also said.

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