What happened on Sept. 11?

It is more beneficial to dwell on the results rather than on the detective side of the incident.

What happened on Sept. 11?
By Ali Bulaç, Today's Zaman

As we move in time further away from the Sept. 11 attacks, new pieces of information keep surfacing about this act of terrorism which will be recorded in history as one of the most important events of the 21st century.

These pieces, each of which is surprising, tell us that the event in question is not ordinary at all and that it was organized and perpetrated as an abstruse and "deep operation."

Accordingly, the first column I penned in the aftermath of the attacks was titled "Deep Operation." In the most recent investigation carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), former CIA Director George Tenet was charged with leaving America vulnerable to terrorist attacks by failing to prepare his agency for the threat posed by al-Qaeda.

This charge, in the 19-page report prepared by CIA Chief Investigator John Helgerson and his team, kept secret for two years and reluctantly released by the agency recently, is striking: "The agency and its staff did not fulfill their responsibility satisfactorily, and did not work in an efficiently cooperative manner all the time."

According to the emphasis of the report, it is not possible to dwell on a single point of failure regarding the attacks. In other words, the attack was perpetrated in a very complicated and complex way.

However, this doesn't provide any reason to exonerate the sufficiently equipped agency called the CIA and its former director, Tenet, who resigned of his own will. Everybody knows that the agency has wide authorities and if it did not dwell on the information at hand long enough and did not take the necessary measures, we can talk about negligence.

What is questioned at this point is to what degree and magnitude the negligence took place in the "vocational/professional" field.

We are to accept that it is wrong to look at the Sept. 11 attacks from the angle of a simple terrorist attack. Like their complicated and complex structure, the attacks turned out to have many results that maybe even the perpetrators couldn't envision.

From now on, everybody who wants to understand the direction the world has embarked upon will have to go back to the Sept. 11 attacks. It had traumatic effects in terms of showing that America, believed to have been living a completely secure life since its foundation, could also be threatened.

According to the deeply rooted belief Americans held before the attacks, all countries and peoples could come under threat and attacks, but America's sea borders protected against this.

Which country's army could cross the huge ocean to hit America? Nobody's technological or military power could be enough to do this. Maybe it could've been hit by the Eastern Bloc through their long-range missiles, but the Soviet system had collapsed and the Eastern Bloc had dissolved.

And it wasn't possible for any other hostile bloc to form in the short run. It is a general rule that only those who feel absolutely safe can have a say on the security of others.

Therefore Americans were able to shape the world the way they liked with a complete sense of security, and of course everybody, friend and foe alike, had to comply with the international system and the security concept developed by the United States since there could be no possible attack on it.

The Sept. 11 incident shook this sense of security in Americans profoundly. From now on they, like everyone else, will never feel completely inviolable.

Many speculations were generated on the role played by Osama bin Laden and his organization al-Qaeda.

Some said it was the deep state of America that carried out the attack, some said al-Qaeda was only a puppet and some said al-Qaeda itself masterminded and perpetrated this attack.

This conjecturing will drag on, but it is possible to say this much: It will never be clear who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks.

Therefore, it is more beneficial to dwell on the results rather than on the detective side of the incident.

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