Why are they opposing Gul?

The opposition to Gul is superficial and not fundamental. You allow him to be prime minister and foreign minister without fearing any consequences to the secularist system but when he is to become president you raise hell. This is absurd!

Why are they opposing Gul?
By İlnur Çevik, The New Anatolian

When Recep Tayyip Erdogan became the mayor of Istanbul many people in the city felt this was the end of the world.

Our secularist elite ladies were in up arms claming Erdogan would force them to cover up and wear headscarves. Nothing happened.

Erdogan seved Istanbul well and soon he was regarded as a hero. When pro-Islamic leader Necmettin Erbakan forged a partnership with former centre-right leader Tansu Ciller and they formed a coalition there were claims that the Islamists would soon control the state and declare an Islamic republic.Nothing happened.

On the contrary later the secularist establishment ganged up with the military in 1997 and toppled the Erbakan government…

When the moderate Justice and Development Party won the elections in 2002 and swept to power once again many people were talking of leaving Turkey and going abroad because they felt this was the end of the world.

But five years later everyone saw that the AK Party was a center right party and had no religious agenda.

It managed to push Turkey further into the European Union and modernize Turkey. The government led an economic boom. So AK Party won the 2007 elections with a landslide.

Prime Minister Erdogan and Abdullah Gul has a great role in the success of the party. They also had a major role in changing the face of Turkey into a modern country?

So there is no Islam or religious activism…

But despite this the secularist elite continued its campaign against Gul. They stalled his presidency and tried to push the country into a political crisis.

But the nation gave its verdict in the elections and gave the AK Party another five years to run the country and also cleared the way for Gul's presidency.

The opposition parties had said the outgoing Parliament should not elect the new head of state and that the president should be picked by the newly elected Parliament.

But now they oppose this as well because they expected the AK Party to lose in the elections…

Instead they lost the elections. Despite all this they still say they oppose Gul… Why?

They claim he is not qualified to run the presidency because they insist Gul does not truly believe in the secularist principles of the Republic.

What they do not understand is that this man has served as prime minister and as foreign minister. These are the two top sensitive jobs in Turkey.

So you can ask a man to serve in these sensitive jobs without fearing they will sabotage secularism but when it comes to the presidency you say he will become an Islamic activist…

This is absurd!

Besides all this Gul has served at the Foreign Ministry surrounded with the most ardent supporters of the of the secularist establishment.

Have any of these diplomats and officials seen a threat to the secularist system for the past five years as they closely worked with Gul?

The opposition to Gul is superficial and not fundamental. Gul will be an excellent president and will push Turkey forward.
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