Women face higher obesity risk after menopause

The risk of women becoming obese increases with age and becomes especially high after menopause, a new study has found.

Women face higher obesity risk after menopause
Postmenopausal women are at an age when the incidence and exacerbation of chronic health conditions associated with obesity become more prevalent.

A study by Karen E. Dennis, a professor at the University of Central Florida's School of Nursing, suggests that it is important for health care providers to understand the health consequences of obesity and incorporate these into health promotion strategies for postmenopausal women, reported science portal Science Daily.

Obesity can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnoea, cancer, osteoarthritis and mental health problems, all of which can be significantly reduced by weight loss.

'Postmenopausal women stand at a crossroad,' Dennis said. 'By first understanding the health consequences of being overweight, nurses have a unique opportunity to work with women of all ages in fighting obesity.'


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