World giants to compete for Ankara natural gas auction

Thirty-five Turkish and foreign firms have applied to join the auction on natural gas distribution in Turkish capital of Ankara, for a period of 30 years.

World giants to compete for Ankara natural gas auction
"The U.S., Russian and European companies will compete in the auction to take place at Altinpark ANFA hall at 2 p.m. on March 14th," Veysel Karani Demir, the DG of Baskent Natural Gas Distribution Corp., told AA correspondent on Thursday.

Demir said Bosphorus Gas Corporation, Zorlu Petrogas Gaz ve Petrokimya Urunleri San. Corp, Energaz Elektrik Gaz Su Dagitim Corp, Turkerler Insaat Turizm Maden Enerji Uretim Corp, Gaz Natural SDG Corp, Calik Enerji San. Tic Corp are some of the competing firms .

"The others are ENBW, Suez-Tractebel, Palgaz, HSBC Bank, Yuksel Insaat, Koc Statiol Gaz, JP Morgan," he told.

Demir said RWE (Merrill Lynch), Gaz De France, Nurol Holding, Akfenhes, Guris, Eni, Limak, Elktromed, Unicredit Ca Ib Ag were among the companies that joined a meeting in Ankara during which Turkish executives briefed them on the Baskent Natural Gas Distribution Corp. and the auction.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 06 Mart 2008, 18:00