Zimbabwe floods declared national disaster

Devastating floods in northern Zimbabwe that claimed at least three lives and displaced around 1,000 people have been declared a national disaster, state radio said Tuesday.

Zimbabwe floods declared national disaster
Forty-three villages were swept away in Muzarabani district in the Zambezi Valley, which has seen heavy downpours since early December.

The floodwaters wrecked houses, schools and swept away livestock.

The authorities declared the floods a national disaster on Monday to allow resources to be mobilized to help around 1,000 displaced villagers, said the radio.

Zimbabwes' Civil Protection Unit (CPU) and the Red Cross are distributing relief supplies such as tents, food, blankets and medicine to those affected, the radio said.

The meteorological department Tuesday warned of further downpours.

"Very heavy falls of rain in excess of 80 millimetres in 24 hours are expected across the country from Tuesday through to Thursday this week, principal meteorologist Hector Chikoore was quoted as saying in the official Herald newspaper.


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