Zimbabwe's Mugabe buys $5 mln home in Hong Kong: Paper

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has bought a 4 million pound home in Hong Kong, British report said.

Zimbabwe's Mugabe buys $5 mln home in Hong Kong: Paper

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has bought a 4 million pound ($5.6 million) home in Hong Kong, Britain's Sunday Times reported.

Citing unnamed sources in Zimbabwe, the newspaper identified an intermediary who it said had helped arranged the purchase of the three-storey property, in a walled and gated complex in an exclusive area of Hong Kong.

It was bought last year, as Mugabe's 20-year-old daughter began studying at the University of Hong Kong, the newspaper said. The paper said it was one of several properties the Mugabes own in Asia but the first to be documented.

Speculation intensified during last year's election turmoil that Mugabe may be looking for a way out of office after he lost the first round to Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

But he formed a unity government with Tsvangirai last week, resisting Western calls for him to step down.

Once prosperous Zimbabwe is facing total economic collapse including widespread poverty, high unemployment and crippling hyper-inflation.

Mugabe's second wife Grace has made several shopping and holiday trips to Asia, including Hong Kong and Bangkok, in recent years. The paper said she was also weighing up diamond ventures in China.

The Sunday Times said a reporter and photographer had visited the apartment last week, where they were attacked by the occupants. The journalists reported the incident to the Hong Kong police, who said they were investigating the allegations, the newspaper said.

Mugabe, who turns 85 this week and is expected to hold lavish celebrations, is blamed in the West for much of his country's woes, pursuing policies that have exacerbated the crisis. He is banned from travelling to the European Union.

Mugabe, in power since independence from Britain in 1980, says Western powers want to remove him from power and have destroyed the economy by imposing sanctions.


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Joanne - 10 yıl Before

This is the Press statement of the University of Hong Kong

In responding to enquiries from the media earlier on about a report that Ms. Bona Mugabe was studying in HKU as an undergraduate student (possibly using another name), the University has indicated

(a) that the University does not collect information about students’ family background; and

(b) that the University does not discriminate against or in favour of any students or applicants for admission because of their family background.

We also explained on that occasion that it was not our normal practice to disclose information about our students.

In the light of the latest development in Zimbabwe (where university students have been put into jail as a result of their demonstration to request Ms. Mugabe to return home for her university studies), HKU feels obliged to outline the following facts:

(a) we do not have a student by the name of Bona Mugabe on our student register; and

(b) we do not have any lady student from Zimbabwe who is reading for an undergraduate programme or is at the age of around 20.

The University maintains its policy that it does not discriminate against or in favour of any candidates because of their family background.

February 16, 2009