'99 Names of Allah' exhibit opens in Moscow

The “99 Names of Allah” art exhibit which premiered in Moscow on February 20th contains Islamic art from around the world from the 9th to 19th centuries.

'99 Names of Allah' exhibit opens in Moscow

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More the 100 artworks provided by the Marjani Charitable Foundation have been showcased at the exhibit at the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, organized by Russia’s Ministry of Culture.

The first exhibition of its kind in Moscow includes 99 world renowned works which contain the 99 names of Allah recited in Muslim prayers.

The exhibition is also chronologically organized according to three historical periods: from the birth of Islam to the Mongol invasions, the Mongol period, and the post-Mongol period.

The first section of the exhibit is composed of works from North Africa, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Central Asia and Anatolia. The second section contains artifacts from China to Eastern Europe. While the third displays artifacts from the palace workshops of the Mamluks, the Ottoman Dynasty, Timurid Empire, the Safavid Dynasty and the Qajar Dynasty.

Showcased among the unparalleled works are Qur’an manuscript pages from the 9th century Abbasid period, Mesopotamian decorations from Iran and Azerbaijan, Medieval bowls with calligraphic inscriptions, and a glass bowl decorated with gold leaf from 10th century Syria.

A rug from the mid 16th century decorated with the 99 names of Allah is especially attracting great attention.

In order for experts of Islamic civilization to provide lectures, the museum hosting the exhibition will keep it open to the public until May 26th.

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