A differrent Art Street in Pakistan: Lok Virsa

Painters in Lok Virsa street reflect the daily life and culturel beauties of Pakistan in their paintings.

A differrent Art Street in Pakistan: Lok Virsa

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In Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, there is a street full of art, belongs to Treditional Inheritance and National Folk Institution. It is Lok Virsa. Various painting workshops exits in this street which gather art lovers and skilful painters.

After their workshops in the center of the city were destroyed, Lok Virsa managers didn't want to let down their painters and gave them a place in the Institution. There are seven painters here and they use acrylic color, watercolor and oilcolor as well as charcoal and pastel pencils.

They generally paint Pakistani daily life, culturel components, natural beauty and the reflection of these elements on people's faces. An old Punjabi lady reading Quran, a Pashtuni girl with a sugar cane in her hand, an immigrant woman from Balochistan, another woman carrying water at the fountain, and many other beautiful example of local people...

Heart of painting in Islamabad 

Mahmud Ali, who started painting in 1993, has been performin his art in his workshop in Lok Virsa for 8 years. Focusing especially on nature and people's life style Ali says “Depth in historical artifacts is another aspect to awaken my emotions. I'm impressed particularly by Lahor. Because in this city history and culturel life engage together. I feel like the time goes by so differently there. Painting modern details under historic shadows excites me so much.”

Mahmud Ali has a popularity raising day by day in Pakistan with his own distinguished style. As giving examples about his works, he says “I painted Shah Rukn-i Alem Tomb in Multan. There are colorful Multan tiles in the building. I tried to have a conception by combining the blue tiles with the tomb. I also added another tomb from Lahor at the painting and strengthened the historic impact.”

Local people in Islamabad sometimes bring their relative's or friend's photos to be painted by these professional painters. Sometimes they aslo buy paintings by famous artists. “The Death of Socrates” painted in 1787 by French artist Jacques-Louis David is on of them.

Workshops in Lok Virsa, contuniue to shine as the heart of painting in Islamabad.


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