Albanian history presented in Tiran National Museum

The biggest museum of Albania has a wide collection ranging from pieces from ancient times to modern days.

Albanian history presented in Tiran National Museum

Rina Gurgule / Kuzey News Agency

Centuries of Albanian history is exhibited in the Tiran National Museum in the country's capital with more than 3,000 masterpieces.

Standing out in the landscape of the Albanian capital, the Tiran National Museum preserved the country's 6,000-year history.

As the biggest museum in Albania, it contains a wide collection ranging from pieces from ancient times to modern days. The museum is a part of architectural composition consisting of Ethem Bey Mosque, clock tower and opera. The museum, which host thousands of visitors every year, greets guests with a large mosaic in its entrance.

Shedding light to Albania's past, the museum has numerous archeological findings, pictures, portraits, statutes and photos. Built in 1981, the museum's collection is among the largest in the world.

There are eight different parts, namely ancient, middle-age, national-awakening, iconography, ethnography, war against fascism and communism. Despite years of Ottoman rule, it is surprising that there is no sign of Ottoman history in the museum.

Explaining that there are still many things to do, the director of the museum Melsi Labi said "The museum lacks a special part devoted to senior statesmen serving in Ottoman time. It corresponds nearly five centuries of our history. The museum is open for six days. In order to make it easier for young people to come here, we provide free internet connection. By doing this we hope that they will learn more about our country's history." 

In the ancient part of the museum, with 400 different pieces related to the predecessors of Albanians, Ilirians are introduced. Handwritings and maps from Ottoman and medieval times are among the most interesting part of the museum. The Declaration of Independence along with the personal belongings of the leaders who signed it are presented to the visitors.

Communist era also presented

The photos of family of Albanian kingdom, icons from worldly-known masters as well as the objects regarding Prizren meeting that paved the way of Albanian independence take up a special place in Tiran National Museum.

In the part where the Communist era is exhibited was formed in 1996.

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