Antiquarians come together in Istanbul's Beyoglu

Beyoglu municipality council who is conducting its 10th antiquarian festival in Taksim Square, has brought together from all areas of Istanbul 70 antiquarians for all those who are interested, just like they have been doing for the last ten years

Antiquarians come together in Istanbul's Beyoglu

Ercan Babacan

In general, antiquarians are the address of the place you go to find and own books that are no longer published.  It is quite possible that many popular foreign books with the best translations are left in the hands of antiquarians.  Important documents which are nearly impossible to obtain from official / unofficial organizations, would be unavoidable to find on the dusty shelves of antiquarians.  Do you want to find a photograph from the past? Or some Post Cards from some period?  Or maybe some samples of old letters written for a novel you want to write? Or some old gramophone records which are prone to be lost to give you sweet sounds and melodies?  Where else do you have to go but antiquarians?

Maybe you had to travel to 70 suburbs to find many articles that are found only in small numbers or rarely, that are no longer published, printing house is closed, translator has changed, the cover has been lost and is in some other personal cover, only been published once and is limited.

To knock on the doors of at least 70 antiquarians

If you are looking for magazines that have begun with much optimism and enthusiasm but have closed down with much frustration, if you are interested in articles which have been collected in limited edition that you had wished were published in a book format, if you are interested in collecting writings and poems from authors which were not published, to use as a source, to get inspiration from, or to collect the whole series of a magazine , you need to knock on the doors of at least 70 antiquarians.

Do you want to own documents from official / unofficial organizations that have moved or closed down, which has been saved just before they were sent for recycling? To be able to show as a source for your research - studies, to show as a precedent, to use as inspiration to produce new things, to get background information about the article you are purchasing and  to enhance your collections / archives maybe you needed to visit at least 70 shops.

What about those postcards which have traveled from city to city and country to country.  The post cards which take you and your family elders back to the past. How could you find the cards of congratulations from which city and for which event, from the different designs and motifs , babies, flowers, soldiers love letters which have been decorated with a poem, unless you visited at least 70 shops?

Do you want to read about the secret lives from old photographs, to understand the various aspects that were of importance in their period, to find the cultural aspects that have disappeared? Do you want to document the differences in generations or to write stories from some writings you read from albums? To look at and sort thousands of photographs in 70 antiquarians, maybe you would need many days or even months.

In Beyoglu for the last 10 years

Beyoglu municipality council who is conducting its 10th antiquarian festival in Taksim Square, has brought together from all areas of Istanbul 70 antiquarians for all those who are interested, just like they have been doing for the last ten years.  This was definitely a good opportunity for those who love antiquarians and are looking for them.

Are we only going to encounter antiquarian works and products as part of this festival? Of course no. The mayor of Beyoglu municipality council Ahmet Misbah Demircan, who had organized the 10th antiquarian Festival had said the following in the opening speech:  'antiquarian means people who of science and culture who have not been ranked.  When you talk about an antiquarian , you are talking about a person who can respond to your inquiries by supplying you written information about the topic from the last 50 - 100 years, including information about who wrote it and is capable of having a scientific and cultural discussion about that topic with you.  The only field of antiquarians are not just inclusive of books, they also include other items that have taken their place in history, ephemeris, card postals, gramophone records, written and verbal history, everything that represents our culture, people who have been able to establish a relationship with all of these.'  Hence we are meeting with those people in this festival.  So these meetings will be a good experience for many of us.  The information that you can not find through search engines will be possible to find with a little discussion at the stands of antiquarians.

Ahmet Misbah Demircan, who has turned the Taksim Square into a feast of knowledge and culture has said: 'The reason why we have conducted festivals in the last 10 years which included antiquarian, antique and traditional hand made arts is to save people from the thoughts 'are we losing all these values?'.  With these same thoughts we have been conducting these festivals for the last 10 years.'




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