Bosniaks like Turkish literature

A total of 48 works of Turkish literature were translated to Bosnian language so far

Bosniaks like Turkish literature

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Bosniak book lovers enthusiastically follow the latest Turkish literature works as well as the books of Turkish historians.      

A total of 48 books were translated to Bosnian language so far including the works of highly acclaimed Turkish writers Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar, Orhan Kemal, Ayse Kulin, Orhan Pamuk and Elif Safak, as well as world famous Turkish historians Halil Inalcik and Ilber Ortayli.      

Damir Uzunovic, the director of Buybook publishing house, one of the biggest publishing houses of Bosnia-Herzegovinia, told AA that the works of Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk and the books of Ayse Kulin, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar and Asli Erdogan were highly appreciated by Bosniak readers.      

He said Pamuk's novels "Snow" and "My Name is Red" were bestsellers in Bosnia-Herzegovinia and that encouraged Bosnian publishing houses to translate more Turkish novels into Bosnian language.      

Uzunovic said TEDA project, Turkey's highly-successful government-supported translation grant programme, encouraging the translation and publication of Turkish cultural, artistic and literary works into foreign languages, played an important role on meeting Turkish literature works with Bosniak literature lovers.      

Meanwhile, Turkish writers Demet Altinyeleklioglu, Iskender Pala, Selim Ileri, and Mustafa Armagan's works translated to Bosnian language were also put on sale at the recent International Sarajevo Book Fair.      

Turkey's Culture Attache in Sarajevo Cengiz Aydin said a total of 48 books were translated to Bosnian language so far as part of the TEDA project.

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