Cannons used in Çanakkale War to be unearthed

Sayılır stated that they aim to complete the excavations within a month.

Cannons used in Çanakkale War to be unearthed

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A team led by Associate Professor Burhan Sayılır from the Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMÜ) and his co-workers has launched excavations to unearth cannons used in the Çanakkale War under the order of Çanakkale Governor Güngör Azim Tuna on Tuesday.

The cannons, used during the war to prevent the Entente powers from passing through the Çanakkale Strait, have long been left to their fate in the city of Kumkapı in Çanakkale province. Many of the cannons were buried while others remain amidst trees in the area.

Sayılır stated that they aim to complete the excavations within a month. The team plans to unearth nine cannons that were used in the war 97 years ago. The Çanakkale Archeological Museum will also supervise the excavations.

Governor Tuna said: “After the excavations, the public can visit the cannons in an exhibition. We also plan to unearth the cannons buried in the city of İntepe in Çanakkale. Actually, not much has been done about the remains of the Çanakkale War on the Asian side of the province while a lot of investment was made [on the European side] where the Gallipoli Historical and National Park is located. We have to construct sites about the war artifacts on the Asian side for the public. There were many clashes with the French in Kumkale. A lot of soldiers died there, so we will establish a war cemetery for them. It is possible that we will exhibit some of the other cannons that are unearthed near the cemetery.” Tuna also added that those were conducting the excavations were all experts in their field and that the province had obtained the necessary permits for the dig from the Culture and Tourism Ministry.

Çanakkale's Garrison Commander Brig. Gen. Mesut Özel and Kumkale's Mayor Süleyman Erte were among those who attended the launch of the excavations with Governor Tuna.

Some of the cannons that were used in the war were destroyed when the last of the Entente powers left the Gallipoli Peninsula on Jan. 9, 1919 to ensure that they would not be used again, according to the 1918 Armistice of Moudros. Later, those who migrated to the peninsula buried the cannons to make the land available for agriculture.

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