Europe's first trick art museum opens in Turkey

A popular Far Eastern phenomenon which marries art and entertainment finds its European home in Istanbul

Europe's first trick art museum opens in Turkey

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There are no historical artifacts, national treasures or masterpieces. But, people of all ages are flocking to a bizarre and colorful new museum in Istanbul where visitors can form part of the artworks.

Located in the city’s Eyup district Alive Museum is Europe's first – and the world's biggest – museum dedicated to ‘trick art’.

This art form originated from Japan and spread through Far East, gradually gaining worldwide popularity. Dating back about 2,000 years, it had become an established art form by the time of the Renaissance era. The theme of the concept at the museum is essentially the same as the illusionism of that time.

Unlike other museums where signs like "do not take photos" or "do not touch" abound, this museum is all about taking images and being part of the artworks.

Featuring over 100 three-dimensional images, the gallery offers visitors the chance to fully integrate into the artworks on walls and floors rather than simply looking at them.

Some of the pieces are reproductions of paintings drawn by famous artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, as well as interpretations of well-known images from history.

Paintings of cliff, wild animals and Obama are the most popular exhibits in the museum with the U.S. president proving popular with some foreign visitors. "Arab tourists especially line up to have their photo taken with the Obama image," Derya Yilmaz, Alive Museum's general manager told Anadolu Agency (AA).

It takes around one and a half hour to visit the whole museum, which covers an area of 3,000 square meters but some visitors spend much more time there.

Alive Museum, which hosts around 100 artworks, will change images regularly. 

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