Fatma Bucak in first Turkey exhibition

Fatma Bucak's “Yet Another Story About the Fall” exhibition will be held in the Arter Art Space in Istanbul.

Fatma Bucak in first Turkey exhibition

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Artist Fatma Bucak’s new work from 2012-2013 will feature in the “Yet Another Story About the Fall” exhibition. The concept of the exhibition is the challenging of paternal society and sexism by going back to pre-historic times when Adam and Eve were first expelled to Earth from heaven.

Fatma Bucak traditionally uses performances, usually by herself and her brother, in interesting settings that challenge interpretations of time and space, while also making use of photography, video and music.

As part of the exhibition, a thirteen screen installation exhibits eggs in concrete blocks, symbolizing birth and urbanization, and thus raising questions as to whether life can truly flourish in this modern day and age.

This will be her first exhibition in Turkey, held at Istanbul’s Arter Art Space in November.

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