Istanbul hosts the largest collection of Ottoman boats

The military official who is responsible for the museum said all items in the museum are extremely important and valuable for them.

Istanbul hosts the largest collection of Ottoman boats

As six-year long renovation works were completed at the Istanbul Naval museum, Istanbul residents and tourists alike have rushed to the country’s first naval museum. Among many, one of the significant collections presented in the Istanbul Naval Museum is the world’s largest collection of caiques, which belonged to the sultan.

It is estimated that there are only 42 imperial caiques in the world and 14 of them are in Istanbul, which was the capital of Ottoman Empirefor nearly 5 centuries.

The Istanbul Naval Museum is among the world’s largest naval museums with its 20 thousand items and 20 million documents in its archives. The museum also hosts the oldest galiot.

The museum founded in 1897

The history of the Istanbul Naval Museum dates back to the 19th century. Major Süleyman Nutki, who was in the Ottoman Army, played a pioneering role in establishing such a museum in the imperial capital. It was first formed in 1897 and had served visitors in its former location, in Dolmabahçe Palace, till 1948. In 1961, the museum was transferred to its current building in Beşiktaş close to the palace. The military official who is responsible for the museum said each item in the museum is extremely important and valuable for them. “Yet, if any particular attention is needed, I should say we host the oldest galiot in the world.” he added.

“The galiot is thought to belong to the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II, but it has not been proven yet. Another galiot whose owner may be either Osman II or Mehmet III is also in the museum’s stock. Galiots were generally used in naval wars but Ottoman Sultans used these galiots for tours in the Golden Horn.” He also explained that the caiques in the museum are from different eras ranging from Sultan Abdulmajid to Mehmet V.

Another historically significant thing is a small boat called ‘Inebolu’ which was used to transport weapons during the Turkish war of independence. Categorized in kind, many materials including guns, maps, ship models and devices, sanjaks, manuscripts and uniforms are presented at the exhibition.

The museum is composed of three parts; the Directorate of Naval History, the Naval Library and the Piri Reis Research Center. The library has very special books and historical documents including Kitab-i Bahriyye which was written by the Ottoman admiral Piri Reis.

Last but not least, one more thing which makes visiting the Naval Museum a must is the fact that the museum has the largest coat of arms in the world.

The museum administration, which was under the authority of the Naval Forces, has offered support to historians and researchers by allowing them into its archives.

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