Kosovo's largest mosque in Mitrovica

Resembling Berlin before 1990, the city is separated by the Ibre river on which stone barricades were built.

Kosovo's largest mosque in Mitrovica


Mitrovica, one of the most beautiful cities in the Balkans, is a rare example of coexistence. The city hosts both Albanians and Serbs in the southern and northern parts respectively. Furthermore, the Kosovo's largest place of worship is in Mitrovica, another factor that makes the city special.

Mitrovica was divided into two during the Kosovo war in 1999. Since then, Muslims including Bosniaks, Turks and Albanians live in northern part whereas Serbs are dominantly populated in the south. The division remains intact despite 15 years after the war.

Resembling Berlin before 1990, the city is separated by the Ibre river on which stone barricades were built. The barricades have now been removed. However, Serbs in the north resisted the removal, thus instead of stone barricades, pine trees were planted.

The city's name in the middle ages was Demetrius. Following the Ottoman conquest, it was changed to Mitrovica. The Mitrovica square in the south becomes a central point of life during summers.

Monuments were built for those who were martyred in the war. With its historical buildings, Mitrovica is decorated with architectural works of art. One of them is Motrovica mosque standing next to Ibre bridge. Another old building is again in Mitrovica is the library that was built in 1928. The ground floor was turned to a shopping center.

Garnished with Ottoman signs, Mitrovica witnessed economic progress in the 19th century. Known with its rich mines, it is today one of the most industrialized part of the country. With the recently- re-opened Isa Bey mosque, Mitrovica is the host of the largest place of worship for Kosovar Muslims.


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