Kurshunlu Han to become Turkey's Cultural office in Macedonia

The office of Yunus Emre Cultural Center will move Kurshunlu Han, a historical Ottoman caravanserai in Skopje.

Kurshunlu Han to become Turkey's Cultural office in Macedonia

Macedonian parliament will vote the decision to transfer Kurshunlu Han, a historical Ottoman caravanserai in Skopje, to Turkish authorities. When the parliament decides the place to turn over Turkey,Yunus Emre Cultural Center will move in the caravanserai.

In December two governments agreed to transfer of caravanserai and signed a Memorandum of Understanding, thus the vote is expected to approve the deal. After the legal procedure, the office of Yunus Emre Cultural Center, an initiative of Turkish government to introduce Turkish culture abroad, will move the historical place.

Having been ruled nearly 6 centuries under Ottoman Empire, the country has many constructions reflecting Ottoman architectural style. Ottoman type of caravanserais, hammams and mosques survive to this day but are used for different purposes. For many reasons,Macedoniacan be fairly defined as the country which attaches most importance to protect Ottoman heritage.

One of the best examples of Ottoman past, Kurshunlu caravanserai was built in 16th century and as the other caravanserais in Skopje, it is also located Turkish Bazaar. The building which was built by Muslihüddin Abdul Ghani, was named after the material with which its dome was produced (Kurshun means lead in English). The caravanserai seized2800 square meter and its main entrance located across the gate of Turkish Bazaar.

The building has several common characteristics with other Ottoman caravanserais. Having decorative walls, domes with square columns and lead covered pyramids, the Caravanserai has defied time in Macedonian capital. As an apparent property of eastern architecture, the building has a stabling, appropriate for a hundred cattles in downstairs. In the second floor, there are 32 rooms for the purpose of accommodation and stockpiling. Until the 18th century, the caravanserai was appropriately served for the purpose of facilitating tradesmen’s requirements. The caravanserai was actually a part of a campus in which a hammam and a mosque, but today there is only one wall of the hammam left apart from the caravanserai. As uprisings against Ottoman rule erupted inMacedonia, the building was transformed to a prison for the rebel groups. 

Kurshunlu Han today is hosting a part of the Museum of Macedonia, the country’s biggest museum, and 130 stonestatues from different periods ranging from BC 1 to 4 AD are presented in Kurshunlu.

In 2006, Turkish and Macedonian governments have bilaterally agreed to open cultural centers. Whereas a place was given toMacedoniainIstanbul’s Taksim district for cultural center, Kurshunlu Han was chosen for Turkey’s cultural center.

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Yes.Macedonian-Turkish friendship continues!

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Greece should take a look what mutual friendship means.