Longest poem from antiquity found in Turkey

In Turkey 121 verses poem, assumed the longest, found during an archeolgical research among the remains of inscriptions

Longest poem from antiquity found in Turkey

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A poem, including 121 verses, discovered on the stela, assumed 2400 years old comes from antiquity during archelogical research around the Mausoleum of Satrap Hekatomnos (also King Hecatomnus) in Milas, the district in Mugla Province, contains a remarkable archaeological sites, in southwestern Turkey.

The poem,  Mausoleum was found stela 2400 years old including 121 verses, addressing to the king  or satrap Hekatomnos, also known the Carian Hecatomnus (395-377 BC). Hekatomnos left three sons, Mausolus, Idrieus and Pixodarus and two daughters, Artemisia and Ada. Mausolus was the builder of the famous Mausoleum of Mausolus. The international term "Mausoleum" derives from this Carian ruler. (ebay.com.au)

The poem may be the longest poem among the archological findings from antiquity accordig to the findings, which made available by Prof. Christian Marek from Sweden, studying for the Historisches Department at University of Zürich.

Christian Marek, an epigraphist,  Researched said the reporters that there were inscriptions on the founded stela, including some complements addressing the ruler of the city. 

“This is the longest poem discovered among the archological findings fom antiquity.”  Christian Marek said, suggesting some words was removed on the stela.

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