Millions of historic photos, drawings posted on Flickr

Visitors of the site are allowed to copy and use the pictures freely

Millions of historic photos, drawings posted on Flickr

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The Internet Archive's Flickr account will contain some old-timey pictures, as the organization recently posted several million images to the popular photo-sharing site.

The images belong to the first batch of "The Commons" which is a new collection of the Internet Archive made up of photographs that came from over 600 million book pages digitally scanned by the Internet Archive organization. The pages amount to over 19 petabytes of data with over 14 million images expected to be accessible online, Tech Times reported.

According to the report, Kalev Leetaru has successfully uploaded 2.6 million images to Flickr which is made searchable with the tags that have been automatically added. The images are said to have been difficult to access until this time.

The most impressive feature of the Internet Archive's project is the amount of detail that it places to each image. Apart from the descriptions by Flickr, the Internet Archive adds other details such as the book title, where the image came from, the publisher and the year it was published, author, and even subject whenever it's applicable.

Users who are searching for a certain image will receive page hyperlinks where the image had appeared which are all viewable through the Internet Archive's website. Furthermore, users will get a link to the book's description and to the other scanned images of the Internet Archive based on the given title.

Whenever available, the Internet Archive will also come up with lists of any text that comes with the image.

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