Ottoman traces in Kosovo

Kosovo is host to numerous Ottoman heritage works.  After being neglected for a long time since the Ottoman period has ended, the Ottoman architecture works have been given new life as they have been restored one by one.

Ottoman traces in Kosovo

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Kosovo which has been under the rule of the Ottoman state for centuries is host to many Ottoman heritage works.  These works are symbolic in the cities and together with all works from the Ottoman period hold a special place .  In almost every street in the capital it is possible to come across ottoman architecture.  The restorations are organized and run by the support from Turkey and 'Kosovo Islamic Unity'.


One of the prominent samples of Ottoman architecture which was built in 1618, the 'Sinan Pasha Mosque', had its restorations finalized in 2011.  The mosque which was reopen for worship, had its landscaping project started in April of 2013.  Sinan Pasha which is the mosque with the highest dome in Kosovo had joint buildings constructed as part of the projects as well.  The mosque was opened under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan who was the acting prime minister at the time.  The mosque which conducts sermons in Turkish during Friday prayers and Eid prayers is of much importance for the Kosovo Muslims.  The mosque was built during the time Sinan Pasha was governor of Bosnia.


Another important Ottoman masterpiece in Prizren is the 'Ghazi Mehmet Pasha Mosque.'  The mosque which is located right in the center of town , was constructed in 1798 by the governor of Prizren at the time, Rustem Pasha.  The mosque is also know as Flag mosque by the community.  The remembrance of the mosque as the Flag Mosque was due to the orders of Rustem Pasha.  As the wishes of the Pasha, the flag is perked at the time of midday prayer, a tradition which is still continued today.  Rustem Pasha had instructed the perking of the flag during the days and the torch to be lit during the nights in order that all the calls to prayers by the different mosques could be coordinated mutually five times a day.

According to the information supplied by the mufti of Prizren, there are hundreds of mosques in Kosovo.  These mosques were either damaged during times of war or just were neglected over time.  However they are all usable and functioning now. The Prizrenians want these works of heritage from the Ottoman era to be restored to their original beauty.  Sinan Pasha Mosque and the Flag Mosque are both fine samples of the Ottoman architecture.  For this reason the Prizrenians want the Flag Mosque to be restored just as beautifully as the Sinan Pasha Mosque to get back to the days of magnificence.  All the necessary applications have already been made for the restoration of the mosque.  The Prizrenians who are hopeful that the restorations will start soon , have also in their mind ' Elijah Skittle mosque ' and the Little Mosque located next to the Orthodox church.

The Prizrenians are thankful to Turkey and TIKA for their support in the protection of these religious works that are a heritage from the Ottomans.  It has been expressed that the works of restorations in these areas has cost TİKA over 2 million Euros so far.  Turkey's support for the historic artifacts in Kosovo is not only bound by Prizren and Pristina.  Therefore many buildings that belong to the Ottoman period, which are in the different cities of Kosovo, are being revived and brought back to life.

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