Pillars of Islamic faith exhibition in Hungary

In the Hungarian city of Pécs, the Ottoman monument Yakovali Hasan Pasha Mosque hosts Hungarian artist Czegledi Lajos’s exhibition about the pillars of Islamic faith.

Pillars of Islamic faith exhibition in Hungary

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The Yakovali Hasan Pasha Mosque, which is among the Ottoman monuments in Hungary and was built in the 17th century, will host an exhibition titled “Allah Path.”

The exhibition which describes the five requirements, or pillars, of Islamic faith was prepared by Hungarian artist Lajos Czegledi.

The pentagonal room surrounded by mirrors evokes and a sense of depth.

The pillars of prayer, fasting, charity and pilgrimage (Hajj) were carefully written in Arabic on the mirrors by calligraphers.

The Shahada, or declaration of faith, is embroidered into the chandelier which lights the room.

Many works collected from museums in Turkey and Hungary have also been placed under the mirror to symbolically represent the pillars.

The Yakovali Hasan Pasha Mosque is being protected by the Hungary Monuments National Security. While the 17th century mosque is currently designated as a museum, prayers can still be performed in parts of the building. 

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