Portraying sorrow on canvas is much harder

The famous painter Kamber Kamber, an ethnic Turk from Bulgaria, describes the difficulty behind painting emotions on a canvas.

Portraying sorrow on canvas is much harder

The world-known Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet is said to have asked his friend and painter Abidin Dino “Abidin, can you draw the picture of happiness?” By asking this, Hikmet referred to the difficulties of explaining emotions, particularly happiness.

However, unlike the Turkish poet, a Turkish painter living in Bulgaria, Kamber Kamber, thinks that portraying sorrow on the canvasis much harder. Kamber, a resident of Bulgaira’s Turkish populated city Kıicaali, has devoted his life to painting.

Painting the natural beauty of the city of Rhodope, Kamber is particularly famous for his drawings of women's faces.

A life away from Rhodope is unimaginable

Noting that it is impossible to imagine a life away from Rhodope, Kamber said “I have been drawing since my childhood. Since my early years as a painter, I have been exerting constant efforts to draw the natural beauty of the Rhodope mountains. I also work on painting the faces of women living in this area. For 40 years, I have been painting Rhodope along with its village life and women.”

“Some claim the feeling of sorrow dominates the faces of women in Rhodope. It is not easy to portray this. To paint happiness is relatively easy and many can do it. However, it is difficult to portray sorrow to the canvas,” he added.

Receiving many exhibition invitations from Turkey, Kamber said, “We at the Painters’ Association of Kircaali open 5-6 exhibitions in a year. We also have exhibitions in several other Bulgarian cities. I attend conferences, exhibitions and workshops in Turkey, Macedonia, Albania as well as many others. I get connected with new painters and gain new friends in these countries.”

Although he has gained an international reputation and has been a frequent invitee to exhibitions, conferences and workshops, he prefers to continue to draw Rhodope without giving up reclusiveness.

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