Rome hosts Ottoman miniaturist exhibition

16th century Ottoman scholar Matrakci Nasuh's works go on display at Societa Geografica Italiana

Rome hosts Ottoman miniaturist exhibition

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An exhibition of the work of renowned Ottoman miniaturist Matrakci Nasuh has opened in Rome.

Nasuh, who lived from 1480-1564, was an accomplished miniaturist -- an Ottoman art form that portrayed events realistically while adhering to the rules of Islamic art -- and developed a naturalistic style focusing on panoramas.

His most famous works are a cityscape of Istanbul and volumes representing Sultan Suleiman I’s 1535-36 campaign in Iraq and Iran.

However, he was also a talented mathematician, historian, linguist and soldier.

The exhibition has been arranged by the Istanbul Intercultural Art Dialogues Association under the Turkish presidency. It will feature items covering Nasuh’s achievements in mathematics, history and miniatures at the Societa Geografica Italiana. It runs to the end of the month.

“We are very happy. Rome is our eighth stage as Matrakci Nasuh is also nicknamed the Da Vinci of the East,” exhibition curator Beste Gursu said.

The display is next due to travel to Washington and Budapest.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 06 Temmuz 2017, 15:03