Russian art lovers commemorate Tatar maestro Mansurov

Russian music lovers have gathered in Moscow to celebrate the life of the famous Tatar composer Mansurov.

Russian art lovers commemorate Tatar maestro Mansurov

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The event organized to commemorate Fuad Mansurov, the maestro of world famous Bolshoy Orchestra, attracted great interest from art lovers in Moscow. 

Mansurov, a musician who devoted his life to classical music, has received numerous international awards. His ethnic background as a Tatar was never an obstacle for his career. Mansurov, who died three years ago, has become a symbol of common values among Tataras, Russians and Kazakhs. In the commemoration event, the Russian National Orchestra presented its favorite classics.

One of the main reason why the Mansurov Night turned out to be a prototype of the central Asian melting pot lies behind Mansurov’s life story. He was born to a Tatar family in today’s Kazakhstan and spent most of his life in the Russian capital Moscow. As well as the universality of his music, Mansurov’s upbringing was also another factor that brought Tatars, Kazakhs and Russians together.

“Mansurov is our common value”

Along with the members of the Council of Russian Muftis, representatives from the local parliament were also among attendees. Explaining the interest to Mansurov, Duseyn Kaseynov, one of the volunteer cultural ambassadors of Tatar culture in Russia, said Mansurov deserves the widespread attention he has been getting due to the quality of his music.

“An excellent night. Mansurov was one of the shared values of the people living in this country. Both in the Soviet era and in the post-Soviet period, he became popular not only here but also on the other side o the ocean. Despite his old age, he never refrained from going from one concert to another. The word ‘tired’ does not exist for him. He was a native speaker of the Tatar language, Russian and Kazakh, which made him a public figure. As his popularity spread, he did not lose his connection with the people. This is the reason for the high level of participation here.”

At the beginning of the event, some videos and photos from his life were presented. Following this introduction, the concert started and young musicians led by Vladimir Valitov played in the memory of Mansurov. 

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