Turkey's award-winning crater lake attracts tourists

Nemrut Caldera in eastern Turkey offers breathtaking views to visitors

Turkey's award-winning crater lake attracts tourists

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The world’s second-largest crater lake, Nemrut, in eastern Turkey is continuing to attract domestic and international tourists with its breathtaking beauty.

The lake is one of the most important tourist destinations in eastern city of Bitlis, with its hot and cold water crater lakes, ice caves, steam chimneys and bird species.

Located in Tatvan district of the city, the lake occupies a part of Nemrut Caldera with a 2,250-meter elevation and 13 square kilometer surface area.

The site was named as the winner of the 2010 Award of Excellence of the European Destinations of Excellence.

People from all around the world come to see the natural wonder. French couple -- Mickael Tetuanui Tuahiva and Anais Pichard -- said they had set off from France a month ago and were now camping at Nemrut Caldera.

Tuahiva said that they visited Lake Bafra in the Black Sea province of Samsun, and Cappadocia in the central Nevsehir province before coming to Nemrut.

“Turkey is a nice country. People are good. Their hospitality is amazing,” he said.

Pichard said they will share their pictures of Turkey with other French people, many of whom have not seen such unique sites.

“Because people in France don’t know about these places.”

Another tourist Ahmet Dagdeviren said he was camping in the area with his friends.

“I’m happy to be here. You are alone with nature and I think there are many mysteries to discover here,” Dagdeviren said.


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