Turkey's unique underground mosque

Inspired by the Cave of Hira, the Sancaklar Mosque was built seven meters underground.

Turkey's unique underground mosque

A mosque in Istanbul's Buyukcekmece district won first place in the World Architecure Fest competition for religious places. Unlike many other mosques in the world, the Sancaklar Mosque has a novel style originated from a deep and meaningful architectural understanding based on the history of Islam.

Inspired by the Cave of Hira, where Prophet Muhammed first received God's message, the Sancaklar Mosque was built seven meters underground. Sancaklar is the first mosque in the world built below the surface and is expected to be opened in the coming weeks. The mosque was designed by well-known architect Emre Arolat.

The mosque is enlightened by lead lanes and sunshine and its 1.200 square meters can cater for 650 worshippers.

The Mufti of Buyukcekmece Mehmet Narin said "Mosques are places to contemplate and pray. They are branches of the Kaaba. Due to the lack of mosques here in the Karaagac neighborhood, this one is needed. This district is filled with villas but there was no mosque."

The building is considered to be a successful combination of modern style with traditional Seljuk and Ottoman architectural designs.

The construction started in May 2011 and is on the verge of being opened.

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