Turkish cookbook awarded culinary 'Nobel'

Omur Akkor’s worldwide best-seller cookbook contains Seljuk cuisine recipes.

Turkish cookbook awarded culinary 'Nobel'

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Recipes for banquet dishes belonging to the Seljuk period are found in the worldwide best-seller of Omur Akkor, who researched local cuisine and forgotten dishes.

Muhammad Omur Akkor’s “Seljuk Cuisine'' book was granted “The World's Best Culinary History Book” award at the Gourmand Cookbook Awards, a competition for world-famous cookbooks also referred to as the “Cookbook Nobel Prize.”

The work which won against its competitors from the United States, France, Mexico and Spain includes special recipes belonging to the Seljuk period which Akkor obtained through extensive research.

Providing pleasure through both the stories recounted and the 80 recipes provided, the book takes people to a short journey of the Seljuk period.

Alongside the Seljuk recipes for 5 soups, 16 appetizers, 25 feasts, and 16 desserts and drinks, the book also includes a gripping short story from the period. 

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