Turkish cultural institute commemorates poet Yunus Emre

Award-winning Turkish actor Haluk Bilginer reads three poems by Emre translated into English.

Turkish cultural institute commemorates poet Yunus Emre

An eponymous Turkish cultural institution is commemorating Yunus Emre, a Turkish folk poet and mystic, with his verses read out by prominent Turkish actor Haluk Bilginer.

In a statement, the Yunus Emre Institute said Bilginer carries the messages of the great poet fresh for 700 years.

Bilginer, Turkiye’s first Emmy-winning actor, reads Emre’s three poems translated into English by Talat Sait Halman, Turkiye’s first culture minister, who was also a poet and translator.

The English version of the first poem, which starts saying, “Go and let it be known to all lovers,” was released on YouTube on March 4.

Recordings of Bilginer reading Emre’s poetry will continue to be released every Friday for three weeks, the Ankara-based institution said.

UNESCO and the Turkish presidency declared 2021 the Yunus Emre Year.

In 1991, UNESCO proclaimed the year as “Yunus Emre’s Year of Love,” commemorating his mystical poems.

Yunus Emre is a Turkish folk poet and mystic who lived in Anatolia from the mid-13th century to the first quarter of the 14th century.

Named after the influential poet Yunus Emre, the institute now has over 60 cultural centers around the world offering artistic, social and scientific programs.