60% of China's underground water 'not fit for humans'

More than two thirds of China's underground water is not fit for human contact.

60% of China's underground water 'not fit for humans'

World Bulletin / News Desk

About 60 percent of underground water in China, and one-third of its surface water, have been rated unfit for human contact last year, according to the environment ministry in Beijing.

The environment ministry has issued a statement that water quality was on the decline, and it had classified 61.5 percent of underground water at nearly 5,000 monitoring sites as “relatively poor” or “very poor.” In 2013, the figure was 59.6 percent.

Unfit for human contact means that it can only be used for industrial purposes or irrigation. 

The water supplies are classified into six grades, with only 3.4 percent of 968 monitoring sites of surface water meeting the highest “Grade I” standard.

A total of 63.1 percent was reported to be suitable for human use, rated “Grade III” or above.

China is currently carrying out a “war on pollution” campaign, to deal with environmental issues.


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