Afghan council to determine US troops' future

The US insists its soldiers be exempt from Afghan laws if they commit crimes in the country as part of the deal.

Afghan council to determine US troops' future

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A security deal permitting the presence of US soldiers in Afghanistan after 2014 will be decided by Loya Jirga, an Afghan national council. The council will convene next month after Afghan President Hamid Karzai refers the decision to the council.

Karzai gave his approval in principle to the deal that has been negotiated for 11 months between Afghan and US officials, but said the national council will give the final decision.

About 3 thousand people from 34 provinces will participate in the council meeting slated for November 19 and talks are expected to last a week.

If the national council approves the contentious security deal, the Afghan parliament will discuss the deal. If those chambers gave their approval, Karzai can make a final verdict on the agreement.

The most controversial aspect of the agreement exempts US soldiers from Afghan laws if they commit crimes in the country.

The Kabul government insists US soldiers should be tried under national law, while Washington says its soldiers should be bound by its own law.

The US signaled that its soldiers will not remain in Afghanistan if the condition is not met. The US pulled its soldiers out of Iraq after Baghdad government's refused to accept the condition.

There are more than 50,000 US soldiers in Afghanistan.

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