Afghan Loya Jirga approves 26 articles on US deal

Loya Jirga consisting of elders accross Afghanistan accepted 26 articles of the Bilateral Security Agreement with US that would decide on the future of US troops

Afghan Loya Jirga approves 26 articles on US deal

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Afghani Grand Council or Loya Jirga which have been negotiating the Bilateral Security Agreement with US finalized the first session of the workshops by accepting 26 articles of the Agreement.

As most foreign forces are preparing to leave Afghanistan in 2014, The Bilateral Security Agreement with the US will define the terms under which US troops will stay in the country.

About 2,500 tribal elders and political leaders, making 50 committees, from all around Afghanistan gathered in the capital to express their opinions in workshops whether the US troops shall stay in Afghanistan after 2014.

Afghanistan Grand Council Speaker Sibgatullah Muceddidi told reporters that the security deal must be signed before the presidency election to be held in April.

Muceddidi added that President Karzai has no right to delay signing the agreement as "US accepted all the Karzai’s and our conditions." “If he delays to sign the security pact, he would damage the interests of Afghanistan and we will not accept it” he said.

The presidential candidate Gul Aga Serzai also supported Muceddidi about signing the security pact before the presidential election.

Serzai said “It is very important to sign the deal as soon as possible because the agreement will contribute to recovery of security and financial problems of Afghanistan."

The Grand Council Member Muhammed Ferid Hamidi said that they have already discussed the content of the security pact and approved seeing no problem with it, adding “Afghanistan and USA governments have been working on the security deal for a long time. That’s why we approved the deal without any hesitation."

Feyziye Huseyni, Kabul member of the Council, told Anadolu Agency that their committee members have debated about how and where the American soldiers who commited crimes in Afghanistan should be tried. “After the long debate, the committee members decided on these to be tried in the US,” she said.

Another member of the Grand Council Seyid Mesudulhak told the Anadolu Agency that people in Afghanistan in general want American soldiers acussed of crimes to be tried in local courts, “But our friends in the Grand council accepted opposite. I believe that they did not give any attention to the public opinion” he said.

All decisions taken by 50 national consultative committees will be taken to the Grand Council for final approval on Sunday. However, it is believed that most of the 2,500 members of the elderly council will sign the deal in favor of US troops to stay after 2014.  

The US had a similar security deal with Iraq over the issue whether American troops would be answerable to local courts but it collapsed in 2011 leading Washington to pull its forces out.

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