Afghan voters use social media during elections

Afghans use Facebook and Twitter for the first time to show support for the presidential candidates in the 2014 elections on April 5th.

Afghan voters use social media during elections

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Afghans use social media to support candidates for the first time in the 2014 presidential election on April 5th.

The presidential candidates use Twitter and Facebook to launch their election campaigns and to reach voters, who show support by commenting under the candidates' official social media accounts.

Female provincial council candidate, Yelda Ferengis Savgend, from the northern Afghan province of Balkh, said she uses social networks for security reasons when reaching out to voters and supporters. Savgend said she received too many death threats because of oppression against women in Afghanistan.

Similar to the French system, the Afghan election is in two rounds. If none of the 11 candidates gets 50 percent of the votes in the April 5th election then a second round must be held between the top two candidates.

The final results of the April 5th election is expected to be announced during mid-May, as collecting ballot papers from different stations across the country could take weeks.

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