Afghanistan: Drone strikes kill two Taliban officials

U.S. predator plane attacks Taliban vehicle; number of drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan increasing

Afghanistan: Drone strikes kill two Taliban officials
World Bulletin/News Desk
A U.S. predator plane killed 12 Taliban insurgents, of whom four were identified as Pakistani Taliban, late on Tuesday,  Afghan authorities said.

The attack took place in Afghanistan`s Nangarhar province, about 90 miles (148 kilometers) east of Kabul.

The drone fired a missile at a vehicle driven by militants in the Krome area of the Sherzad district of the province, near the border with Pakistan, according to local officials.

Saifor, the Taliban military commander for the Sherzad district, and Spin Ghar, the shadow governor for the Hesarak district of Nangarhar, were among those killed in the airstrike.

Four of the militants killed were identified as Pakistani Taliban.

Almost 50 percent of drone strikes on Taliban and al Qaeda militants in Afghanistan have been conducted in the eastern provinces which share a border with Pakistan.

U.S. military forces have established their base in eastern Nangarhar, and the drone strikes are carried out from their base in the province.

The international coalition forces have recently increased the number of their drone strikes on Taliban havens in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


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