Arakan Muslims face being burned alive in Myanmar

Buddhists do not want to live together with Arakan (Rohingya) Muslims, says Rohingya Solidarity Organization President Yunus.

Arakan Muslims face being burned alive in Myanmar

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Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO) President Muhammed Yunus said on Tuesday that Arakan (Rohingya) Muslims were burnt to death by Buddhists. 

Yunus said around 200 Rohingya Muslims were also transferred to other cities for some safety reasons and were shot dead on the way by the Myanmar army. 

Speaking to Turkish press, Yunus stated many Rohingya Muslims moved to camps to save their lives at the beginning of incidents, and added that Myanmar forces covered the camps for some safety reasons preventing the Muslims from leaving the camps.

"Their main goal was to bring the Muslims together at one place and block their spread," said Yunus pointing out that the Muslims were facing hunger in harsh conditions. 

Yunus said Rohingya Muslims were not the only victims targeted in Myanmar, reminding that around 400 Muslims were killed and faced with the burning of their homes and workplaces in the Meiklita city of the Myanmar capital Naypyidaw.

Stressing that Buddhists do not want to live together with Rohingya Muslims, Yunus said "That is why the Myanmar government wants to restrain the Muslims as in the case of Palestinians."

Yunus emphasized in his speech that no country, except for Turkey, was willing to share the pain of Rohingya Muslims and said "It is only Turkey which cared about us. For the first time in history, an authority visited us. When Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu visited us, our tears came out of joy, not pain or cruelty. We are grateful to Turkey." 

Rohingya Solidarity Organization includes 9 different organizations in Myanmar, the biggest of which is led by Muhammed Yunus.

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