China: Abe must face up to history

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson has accused the Japanese PM of distorting the past, referring to his comparison of China-Japan tensions to pre-war Germany-UK relations.

China: Abe must face up to history

World Bulletin / News Desk

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's comments on the similarity of China's-Japan relationship with the prior to World War I UK-Germany relationship has sparked a retaliatory clash from China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Speaking to reporters earlier this week at the forum, Abe referred to China's steady increases in military spending as a "provocation."

China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Qin Gang at a press conference in Davos said Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe "has closed the door on dialogue between leaders of the two countries with his own actions", and he continued "The Japanese leader should not misalign his memory of history. It is better to face up to history and deeply reflect on what Japan has done to China before WWI and throughout the entire modern and contemporary history than to make an issue of the pre-WWI UK-Germany relations."

Qin said, "Only by truly facing up to history and regarding history as the mirror, can Japan usher in the future of its relations with its Asian neighbors and assure people from Asia and other parts of the world."

The relations between China and Japan have deteriorated over the past two years over territorial disputes in the East China Sea, a new Chinese air-defense zone, and Abe's December visit to a controversial war shrine dedicated to Japanese war casualties.

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Robert - 5 yıl Before

China, get over what happen to you in the history, your butt was not clean in the history either, stop whining, if you have a might and will face it, go to war, let your unexperienced army get some test in the battlefield, it is annoying to hear you whining all the time. Your current state of economic strength is not something you earned, most due to your stealing of others technology incl. Jpn.