China: Muslim sentenced 6 yrs prison for growing beard

His wife was also sentenced to two years prison for wearing a veil and covering her face.

China: Muslim sentenced 6 yrs prison for growing beard

World Bulletin / News Desk

A man has been given a six-year prison sentence in China for "provoking trouble" after growing a beard, according to local media.

The 38-year-old Uighar man had been warned previously a number of times before he attended court in the city of Kashgar, the state-owned newspaper China Youth Daily reported.

His wife was also reportedly handed a two-year sentence for wearing a veil that covered her face. 

In January 2015 legislators in Xinjiang approved a ban on women wearing a veil in public, a move which Xinjuang experts warned would further alienate the Uighur population.

China has blamed rising violence in the far western province of Xinjiang on fanatics, and recently introduced an initiative known as "Project Beauty" which encourages women to leave their heads and faces uncovered.



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