China president calls for 'independent Palestine'

Xi Jinping told a China-Arab conference that Beijing 'determined to support' the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and supports a 'fully independent Palestinian state.'

China president calls for 'independent Palestine'

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China’s president has told a conference on cooperation with the Arab states that he supports peace in the Middle East and the creation of a Palestinian state.

In a keynote speech at the opening of the Sixth Ministerial Conference of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum (CASCF) on Thursday, Xi Jinping talked of issues surrounding Palestine, and the Syrian crisis.

He said Beijing "is determined to support" the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and that he supports a "fully independent Palestinian state."

Xi added that Beijing "respects the people’s right to make demands" and said the Chinese government hopes for an immediate tolerant political transition in Syria and that it is in favor of a political solution.

China’s national news agency, Xinhua, reported Thursday that Syrian refugees would receive $16 million in humanitarian assistance from China while Palestine would receive around $9.6 million in aid. 

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Martin Edwin Andersen
Martin Edwin Andersen - 6 yıl Before

The current stale, highly-polemical positions that stymie any real progress towards peace can be overcome only with a fresh (but already legitimized) perspective that both illuminates and eventually creates commonalities in the just demands of all the peoples of the Holy Land.That perspective is found in “Common Lands, Common Ground: The indigenous agenda, Israel, Palestine and breaking the post-Oslo Peace Accords logjam” @

keith - 6 yıl Before

who cares what you think mr xi? you wont even allow your own mothers from your own capital to speak in public about the horrible murders and crimes committed against their children in june 1989. until you show respect for others in your own country you have zero right to speak about palestinian issues.