China to segregate sexes at schools

China is about to introduce segregation measures between boys at girls at school.

China to segregate sexes at schools

World Bulletin / News Desk

Schools in China are set to segregate boys and girls at school from junior grades and above. Schools in Hazgzhou and Wenzhou are already implementing the segregation.

The rule states that boys and girls must be at least 18 inches away from each other and cannot walk or talk together on campus.

In Chinese culture, school crushes are referred to as ‘Zao Lian’, meaning ‘premature love’. Websites set up by teachers and counselors showing children how to escape from Zao Lian have already been published. Counselors believe this measure would be more effective than putting boys and girls into separate classrooms.

However, some sections of the society are criticizing these measures. Newspapers have said that these premature love adventures are normal, and although they should not be romanticized, they should be allowed to develop.

On the other hand, some parents support the measures, complaining that their children get too distracted by the opposite sex. 

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